there’s a bear in there

October 14, 2008

last saturday night some of us watched a rad B-grade horror movie, Grizzly Rage (wiki/imdb) at huw’s place.

having seen very few B-grade movies, i was surprised at it’s incredible lack of quality, but it was still enjoyable — if only for laughing at the dodge. i still managed to get scared/shocked a few times, and yelled loud enough to scare everyone else.

the bear was pretty rad though. it was able to throw people 20 odd metres, crush jeeps and even had opposable thumbs.

possibly the best part was after the movie was finished when huw gave us a lift home. we were still a bit on edge so i grabbed him (i was sitting behind him) and yelled really loud. he jumped pretty good… probably not the safest thing to do to the driver, but it was worth it.

in conclusion, i thoroughly recommend Grizzly Rage.

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