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November 29, 2008

in the interests of Moving Things Along and Getting Things Done, ima see if i can go at least one post every two days this week.

so to start with, there’s always the fall back topic of music. recently i downloaded Girl Talk‘s latest album (that’s legally kiddies, you can choose to pay $0.00 if you want). i was talking to tricky about it last time he was here. Girl Talk often gets called a mashup artist, but i like to think of mashups as two or maybe three songs mixed together as a version of one of the songs. girl talk is more like “lets chuck together 10s samples from 100 tracks and make a 4 minute ‘song’ from it”. i would probably call him a Sample DJ. that being said, i quite like it, and being the wannabe music nerd that i am, i find great pleasure in picking the samples used in each track (wikipedia of course has a list to check against).

whilst listening to the album, it reminded me that i pretty much have no idea how mashup artists or Sample DJs do what they do. i mean, i understand that they get bits from songs and put them together, but i can’t fathom how they manage to juggle things like song keys, tempos, melodies and timing etc to get it sounding so neat. and do they have access to the mixed song’s master tracks so they can single out just the vocals or melodies etc, or are they able to split up the normally released track into various parts? and how does he do it live?

it does somewhat annoy me, because i can understand how someone might be a really good guitar player and be able to play scales and solos be great at that, but i don’t even know the basics of how someone would start mixing it up. i’m guessing it’s mostly on computers and maybe there’s programmes that do a lot of hard work for you, but i’m even ignorant about that.

anyway, here’s a clip of some girltalk if you were interested and don’t know what he sounds like (watch out, there are bad words), and you too can rip him off choose how much to pay and download it from his site if you so desire.

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What Have You Done For Me Lately?

November 27, 2008

yeah, so it’s been over a month and nothing has happened on fizzle, other than living up to its name.

unfortunately nothing of note has really been happening, or if it did, writing it up made it sound lame.

we’ll try to be more productive in the near future, but hopefully this will tide you over till then.

also, check it: we got a favicon. (cheers tricky.)

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