The Angry Cankle

December 26, 2008

So I decided to watch ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’. Basically the storyline revolves around Brad Pitt’s character, Benjamin, a guy who is born an old man and througout his life gets younger. The movie had been getting some pretty alright reviews so I thought it would be good. My experience did’t begin well as in the aisle of the theatre I bumped my foot on some sort of metal thing and making it bleed, something I discovered a good hour later. The movie was watchable but a little slow. For the first hour-and-a-half Benjamin didn’t really age at all, leading me to ask myself how long it was going to take for him to become a baby again. The movie was also narrated, kinda the same way that ‘The Princess Bride’ is if you have seen that. There was also some intertwining of Hurricane Katrina and this whole storm motif that I didn’t really understand. It wasn’t a terrible movie, but when you give three hours of your life to something, you expect a decent level of satisfaction.

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You’re not from around here?

December 15, 2008

The last year has been a bit of a bludge for me. I didn’t work for the first couple of months. I got a sweet-as job doing something I love for the past 6 months. Been on about four holidays from Greece to Port Macquarie. All this fun but I must admit I’m getting a bit sick of it. This is good news considering in a couple of months I will start studying. I’m guessing this will be a bit of a rude awakening after not studying or dealing with time constraints or any sort of genuine pressure for 16 months.

As some of you know, I’m heading over to Canberra, which is 3 hours from Sydney and about 3 hours from Albury. I’m doing a course called Sports Media, which is pretty self explanitory. The other week I took the drive down to the capital to check it out. The Uni seems pretty awesome so I’m pretty excited about that. On the whole, I’ve been told Canberra is a bit quiet and perhaps dead, we will see. I’ve also been told that If you live on campus, which I will be doing, “you will never not be able to find someone to share a few drinks with”, this quote coming from my campus tour guide. I guess that quote echoes some of my views on what campus life is about, but we will wait and see.

I move down in mid-Feb so I’ll make the most of my last couple of months in Sydney before heading down.

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Vasco Era is my Bitch

December 12, 2008

I’m back and I’ve marked my return with a post actually worth writing, yeah they are pretty rare. Last night I went to TZU with Miz and a couple of other mates. I had seen them a couple a months ago and If i was to be honest I would call them pretty average from that experience. They were supporting then so didn’t have a heap of fan involvement and their song choice seemed a bit dodgy. Anyway, they definetley redeemed themselves this time.

The gig was called Red Bull Soundclash, a battle between two bands. The other band was The Vasco Era, some Indie band. Basically there were four rounds of competition and each band had their own stage and ‘stage assistants’. There was a warmup, where they both played three of their own songs. Joelistics and co started on fire with Computer Love, She Gets Up and In Front Of Me. The next round was each band had to do a cover of a song of the other band. Vasco Era had to play Mondays, but their lead singer pretty much failed and it didn’t sound the best. In the next round both bands had to play a couple of their own songs from a chosen genre, Tzu chose Got to Do and In Front of Me, and their styles were country music and reggae. They went off and people were loving it. The finale was pretty much the highlight of the night. Each band got to pick a special guest artist to help them. You could see it coming from a mile away, but Tzu chose Urthboy, to the cheers of everyone there. Their song was a collaboration of We Get Around and Won’t Get Played. Everyone, including lame Vasco Era Indie kids, was loving it. Vasco Era had some no-name support guy and they pretty much sucked. Also I remember Tzu playing Back to Front, but can’t remember for which round.

In the end, the winner was decided by ‘The applause’ometer’. Vasco Era won, but ima blame it on their teenybopper fans. Everyone knew that Tzu put on a better show but who cares, certainly not me.

I was designated driver on the night so at first that sucked but I got used to it. Josh, after a couple of drinks began shouting “JOELISTICS” at the top of his lungs. After about the fifth time, Joelistics replied with “shut up dude”, which made Josh happy and he obeyed. At the end of the gig we went up to Joelisitics, autographed it and got a photo.

Possibly the best night of 2008 my life.

Edit- Tzu is releasing an album of remixes in January, I’m pretty excited about that. Also, no one apprecaites the music from the stupid game Miz put up plays when you open fizzle.

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geezers need excitement

December 5, 2008

something that i’ve started doing lately (i’m not sure why) is making characters out of the empty boxes/utensils left over at the end of a meal. it’s probably cos i got bored of the conversing, but i have fun.

this was the first one, a mexican bandido.

and then this monster thing was from bible study’s christmas dinner, hence the bonbon shell.

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don’t hate the player

December 2, 2008

here’s a fun little game i found on the net. one of those new fangled now popular “physics” games where you make stuff do stuff. it starts off considerably easy (at first i thought it was a kids game) but some of the last levels require a fair amount of thought.

in this game there’s also the ability to save your “contraption” and share it so others can see what you did. here’s a conveyor belt i made.

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