Vasco Era is my Bitch

December 12, 2008

I’m back and I’ve marked my return with a post actually worth writing, yeah they are pretty rare. Last night I went to TZU with Miz and a couple of other mates. I had seen them a couple a months ago and If i was to be honest I would call them pretty average from that experience. They were supporting then so didn’t have a heap of fan involvement and their song choice seemed a bit dodgy. Anyway, they definetley redeemed themselves this time.

The gig was called Red Bull Soundclash, a battle between two bands. The other band was The Vasco Era, some Indie band. Basically there were four rounds of competition and each band had their own stage and ‘stage assistants’. There was a warmup, where they both played three of their own songs. Joelistics and co started on fire with Computer Love, She Gets Up and In Front Of Me. The next round was each band had to do a cover of a song of the other band. Vasco Era had to play Mondays, but their lead singer pretty much failed and it didn’t sound the best. In the next round both bands had to play a couple of their own songs from a chosen genre, Tzu chose Got to Do and In Front of Me, and their styles were country music and reggae. They went off and people were loving it. The finale was pretty much the highlight of the night. Each band got to pick a special guest artist to help them. You could see it coming from a mile away, but Tzu chose Urthboy, to the cheers of everyone there. Their song was a collaboration of We Get Around and Won’t Get Played. Everyone, including lame Vasco Era Indie kids, was loving it. Vasco Era had some no-name support guy and they pretty much sucked. Also I remember Tzu playing Back to Front, but can’t remember for which round.

In the end, the winner was decided by ‘The applause’ometer’. Vasco Era won, but ima blame it on their teenybopper fans. Everyone knew that Tzu put on a better show but who cares, certainly not me.

I was designated driver on the night so at first that sucked but I got used to it. Josh, after a couple of drinks began shouting “JOELISTICS” at the top of his lungs. After about the fifth time, Joelistics replied with “shut up dude”, which made Josh happy and he obeyed. At the end of the gig we went up to Joelisitics, autographed it and got a photo.

Possibly the best night of 2008 my life.

Edit- Tzu is releasing an album of remixes in January, I’m pretty excited about that. Also, no one apprecaites the music from the stupid game Miz put up plays when you open fizzle.

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  1. I was at a gig by The Whitlams, and they are always good value, but the highlight of my night was definitely getting a text saying “I kept shouting out ‘joelistics!’, then he was like ‘shut up dude'” at about ten o’clock.

    Comment by tricky — December 12, 2008 #

  2. that sounds pretty rad. I’d like to hear urthboy with tzu.

    Comment by Mellow — December 12, 2008 #

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