You Make Me Wanna Shout!

February 16, 2009

So my attraction to horror films continued last night as I went and saw ‘My Bloody Valentine’. We went thinking that the movie was 3D, which is correct, but soon found out that the cinema we went to didn’t have “3D capabilities”. This was a bit of a bummer and throughout the movie I couldn’t help but think “How rad would that be in 3D?” Oh well. The movie had all the key ingredients for a horror, suspense, poor acting, little dialogue, gore, nudity (not key but always prevalent). I was pretty happy that I had a hoodie with me to laugh, cry, scream and gasp into. That’s probably my favourite part of a horror film. Knowing someone is about to get cut up pretty badly and just sitting there laughing at the obscene absurdity of it all. I forgot to mention another key ingredient…Josh. His huge screams make the movie that much scarier. Horror films are always so much better sitting next to Josh. After the movie we went to Maccas, what better way to calm down? When i got back to my car, after checking the backseat for a rampaging murder, I noticed I hadn’t locked the door after getting out before. This kept me on edge for the rest of the ride home.

Also I forgot to mention I had another Huw moment. When we were lining up for tickets the guy asked us for ID. I thought for some reason he meant to check if we were students. Seeing as I wasn’t paying for a student ticket, but an adult one, I didn’t adhere to his instruction, but gave him the free movie ticket I was using. He looked confused and asked me “Would you give this to a bouncer?” I was a little confused but soon we were on the same wavelength. Turns out the movie was R18.

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  1. On the drive home i heard papers rustle under the passenger seat, dead set i nearly crashed.
    and whenever i checked my rear view mirror i was sure someone was gonna sit up in the back seat… wearing a gas mask and yielding a pickaxe

    Comment by mizzle — February 16, 2009 #

  2. Sometimes I like being scared like that. Most of the time it ends up being bad though.

    Comment by Mellow — February 19, 2009 #

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