March 19, 2009

Food habits…mine are terrible. When I first moved down here, I was doing the Big M up to four days a week. That has gone down in recent times, due to shrinking funds. That doesn’t mean I’m eating proer food. I’ll give you a bit of insight into what a uni student living on campus treats himself to.

Free Bread Rolls- Was in the supermarket and some guy with a trolley full of big bags of bread rolls was offering them to people. I really hope he works at the bakery otherwise ima get some sort of HIV/Rabies infection. I took a pretty big bag- maybe 20 bread rolls and have had them in the freezer since. Eating two with every meal I eat.

Packet Macaroni. It is so darn easy. Just put one packet (two for me) into the microwave with water, heat it till it is soft. Add cheese sauce and you are done. I feel guilty about how unhealthy it might be, so I add a tin of tuna (50c)- which I think is good for you.

Grog Bog- Ima assume you all know what a grog bog is. If you don’t check it on Urban Dictionary. Anyway there is this caravan (alarm bells already ringing) food stall that is always open on every evening. They have this thing called a grog bog. It is a hotdog roll filled with hot chips, gravy, cheese and bacon. It is possibly the greasiest thing ever but It tastes awesome. People think it can only be consumed after drinking alcohol, I sure have proved them wrong. Last night though, (after drinking) I thought I was a bit of a hero, so I ordered 4 at $4 each. Needless to say, that was a bit of an error. After three gruelling grease rolls, I could do no more and collapsed.

Huw’s special salad- This is my “I’ve been feeling a bit sick and irregular recently, I should eat some veggies” meal. I buy a packet of cherry tomatoes. Put them in a bowl, and douse them in balsamic vinegar. That is all.

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  1. YUCK

    Comment by Kim rad — March 22, 2009 #

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