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April 13, 2009


so, to start my year of posting, i waited till summat decent happened. easter weekend was kimrad’s party so trix and i went down. this was my both first trip down sans my usual albury buddy and also the first time down in like two years, so i was hoping for some freshness.

i burnt us a mad cd, a mix some bbc dj made: 30 years of hiphop in one hour. tricky sounded excited when i told him i burnt a cd, then he was less enthusiastic about it when i explained it. but it was still a good enough listen.

the trip down was good. as i had expected, tricky never asked me if i wanted to take over the driving for a bit. often he was like “man, i’m tired” but he battled on, because goodness knows what might happen to the nova if i took over. we started counting road kill and got to about 11, including an awesome wombat that was not only massive but also lying on its back with its legs sticking up in the air like a real life caricature.

it rained, but we got down fine. once we got there it was tea time and i met two new peeps, jess and nana. at the dinner table jess was on a stool and nana was on a chair, so jess towered over her. jess joked about being so tall and nana said “oh no, i’m not cold dear, i have a cardigan on”. lawls for shawls.

saturday we went into town to get some stuff for sam’s rad bike and i had to buy a present, which worked well because both were found at the same shop.

i got to ride the postie bike around the farm again. ima get my license and get a real bike.
tricky and i checked out all the waterways damage the recent rain had done, it was heaps rad. massive rocks and tonnes of dirt were crazy moved around. we climbed up to the top of the paddock and rolled rocks down, but apparently he used to get in trouble for that kind of thing, so don’t tell his parents.

finally it was time for the party. tricky found even more hotshirts at his place so we got to wear matching awesomes. it was kinda lame how it was raining there heaps, cos i got cold and wet, but rad times were had with umbrellas and stuff. the food was heaps good, and it’s just as well i took 5 kebabs on my firsts cos they were all gone when i was finished.
tricky and i found a kid who lives on his street here in sydney, which was an amazing coincidence.

there were some good bonfires going, which kept me warm, but by the end of the night they were too hot for my “pastie white face” and i had to move the seat/bench back which annoyed the other kids also sitting on it.

we slept outside which is fun. tricky managed to get headlights shon on him as he was declothing, which made for lawls. i was woken in the morning by an easter egg landing on my sleeping bag, which is the best wake-up i’ve had probably forever.

church was good, disappointed slim didn’t turn up but i guess he had his reasons.

lots of kids came over to berkoosh for lunch, more than expected by most, but it was cool. then sam and dougal were heading off for their bike adventure, which only further cemented my desire to be a rad bikie too.

our trip home was uneventful, except that i made tristan stop at “the best coffee on the hume” and it wasn’t. that, or hume highway coffee has a low standard. not that i want to sound like one of those coffee kids, because that is embarrassing, but i expected more.

now i’ve got a week of holidays, but i’ve still got uni work to do which is terrible.

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  1. That was a long post, it took me 10 days to read it all.

    Comment by Mellow — April 23, 2009 #

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