House Dynamics

April 30, 2009

I’ve got two assesments due tomorrow afternoon but its 10:53 in the pm so I thought I would share with you a heartbreaking tale, one I have witnessed first hand in the last few days. I live upstairs in my 9 bedroom apartment. Three other people live upstairs, two of them being a Chinese couple. They are quite a nice couple. Like a lot of Asians they keep to themselves but they always smile and say a hello. The first thing I noticed about this couple was their food (fat). They used to cook the most extravgent meals. There would be maybe 5 courses, with fruit at the end. Everything from soups, noodles, curries. I wondered how they could muster such effort to cook like this at least twice a day, but they did it together all the time. I once asked about their commitment levels to which i was asked how I could possibly eat Easy Mac all the time.

So this week I get back from holidays and I noticed that the guy has moved downstairs, swapped his room with a differnet guy. It occured to me that I never see these two cooking together or even doing anything together. I won’t lie to you, It made me a little sad. Tonight I was in the kitchen cooking my Spaghetti Marinara when the guy walks in, looking ever so sad. Anyway he starts getting his ingredients out of the cupboard and it turns out that he was having two minute noodles for dinner. Sure he added a couple of things but it was nothing compared to what he used to cook up. I started talking to the young man, in the hope I could cheer him up. He told me about his job at Hot Dollar and how he could give me a 70% discount. As a sidenote, that is a crazy staff discount at a discount retailer. I asked him about football and then offered him some of my marinara, as they always offered me a sample of their smorgesboards. He tried it and said it was good, I didn’t belive him though. He then said goodbye and walked away head down to his room.

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  1. East Mac pasta is the worst thing ever. It is cheesy like spew. I bought it ’cause I thought it’d be easy to make at uni. The first day I thought, “Hey this smells like spew”, but figured I just wasn’t used to it. Second day it still reeked of spew, so I stopped eating it.

    Comment by tricky — May 2, 2009 #

  2. Man here’s me who eats it maybe 4 times a week and loves it. So much more satisfying than noodles or soup.

    Comment by huw bizzle — May 2, 2009 #

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