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May 2, 2009

currently my sister is out of town, she has been for a week so far and will be for another two weeks due to her learning how to teach by pretending to be a real teacher.

i view this experience as a rad easy way to experiment with bacheloring awesomeness.

First thing i did was clean up the place and i’ve worked out that as long as i mainly stick to my room or stay out of the house, the rest of this dwelling stays clean. i’m way smart (or something).

a few people i know have expressed some concern about my eating habits (mainly females really, apparently boys don’t care). But actually, i’m doing fine, thanks to instant pasta and ikea meatballs i’ve been eating gastronomic delights. Huw knows what i’m talking about. the other night i even went to the supermarket after work and got some discount (ie old) meat for half price and there was enough meat to save half for another eat later on. that’s like quarter price value.

speaking of groceries, shopping is yesways easy. so far none of my shopping trip totals have been more than 9 bucks. all i really need is milk and bread and eggs, which also happens make up the ingredients of french toast, my most common meal. one of my mates laughed at me when i went shopping, cos bread, milk and eggs is pretty much the most stereotypical shopping list ever.

also, another fun (if slightly erd-nays) thing i’ve done is take my tv out of the living room and hook it up to my laptop so i can have dual-screen computing. apart from effectively doubling my computer productivity, now i can be one of those way cool white/indie kids who say “oh nah, i don’t watch tv“. especially cos now instead of watching tv i listen to records, drink coffee and read I.D.

whilst i’m on the topic of shunning modern technology so i can appear to be a hipster, the car’s battery is flat so now i walk/bum lifts/catch public transport to where ever i need to go.

bacheloring is way rad.

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  1. I never buy meat unless It has the yellow “SPECIAL” sticker. I’ve recently thought about buying like 2kg of smoked salmon, and 2kg of really cheap cheese or devon and swapping the labels and only buying the salmon. But I guess that’s stealing hey…

    Comment by Biz — May 3, 2009 #

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