November 1, 2009

I’m a warm person. If you know me well, you know this statement is not in reference to my general demeanor, but my core body temperature. I get warm quite easily, especially in bed. Because my dad thought Canberra was freezing all year round he suggested i bring flannelet sheets with me at the beginning of the year. Not only did he do that, but he brought two cover sheets, instead of the other sheet (no one knows its name). So now when I am warm I can either have a doona or no coverage, and it is common wisdom that everyone likes coverage. Also, I live upstairs where it is significantly warmer than downstairs. So I sleep with my window open. I need to or I simply won’t sleep. The other day I lay in bed till 2:30 in the am before realising my window was shut, a prompt open and I was soon asleep.

Yes this story is going somewhere. Birds in Canberra are weird. Before I talk about Canberra’s aviators I shall share a bit of 3am wisdom I fell upon. Animals are not like humans, they sleep at different times. They sleep when they need/want to. They don’t think…”hey If I am going to get that worm I need to be the early bird and go to bed soon.” So why do you never see/hear birds, barring owls and bats, at night? A riveting question I thought.

Back to Canberra birds. When it hits about 8am and birds worldwide are waking from their 8 hour doze they are supposed to sing. It’s supposed to sound good. Birds here are different. I would compare their noises to a pterodactyl (I bet you thought it was spelt ‘teradactyle’ you gooses) more than bird. Then again, I guess pterodactyls are birds…

So we come to a conclusion that a bit more wisdom in packing from my father and I would be much more peaceful from the dinosaurs of this state. And who knows perhaps I would have a warmer personality due to more consistent and healthy sleeping patterns?

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