December 15, 2009

play twister

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December 5, 2009

When i was younger, i had a bike. It was a blue BMX that I painted black with a gold saddle bar. sounds nice in theory but in practise only the frame was repainted, so it had blue brakes, white pedals, blue & white hand grips and a white saddle.
Being a rather eXtreemX kind of kid, i thought BMX/mountain bikes were the business, while road bikes were for pansies. Then after seeing mr winky being awesome as well as watching le tour with albury kids, i worked out that roadbikes were pretty cool too, just in a different way.

then dan got a rad bike, megan got a rad bike (though not a road racer), tristan got his silver bullet …i wanted one for me.

so today, walking through the flea markets on the way back from the station, i saw a sleek black racing beauty, just resting against a cardboard box. all the other (inferior) bikes were holding their distance in reverence. I asked the guy how much, he said $45, then changed his mind and said $40 (I must be getting a bargain if he dropped the price without even haggling). I tried to get it for $30, but he was much more experienced at these things than I am, and he won the shortlived battle leaving me paying the full forty. it’s probably not worth that much, but I like it enough to justify it.

and hey, it’s heaps cheaper than a le tour bike…

heck yeah

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