Ode to My Family

June 27, 2010

I quite enjoy living away from home, and with friends. My life is like a sitcom with some pretty entertaining characters. There is the guy that talks to himself in his room, they guy that paces and looks in the fridge every few minutes. There is the girl that breaks things and the girl that bounces her netball around everywhere. There is the guy that works a lot and no one is exactly sure if he is even enrolled in university anymore. Don’t forget the guy whose room always smells, though no one is exactly sure. There is the girl who thinks everyone is judging her and the girl who sometimes drinks too much and cries and her next door neighbor, though come to think of it she is pretty normal. Then there is me. I guess I’m pretty normal too, my room smells fine and I don’t pace or cry. I’m sure I fit in there somewhere though.

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Catch my Disease

June 27, 2010

I think my nine day abstinence from fast food and alcohol is starting to take its toll. I’m feeling pretty dizzy, weak and exhausted, though that could just be from the excessive World Cup watching and lack of any proper sleep. Better not risk it though, maybe I’ll head down for a spicy cheesy bacon tender-crisp meal.

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What’s my Age Again?

June 3, 2010

What is it with vintage and antiquity that we so love? Is it the history that comes with it. Is it the feelings of nostalgia and the memories. Being a bit of an inner oldie, maybe it’s just that it reminds me of a much simpler time. Back from the 1930’s to 60’s a suit, overcoat and hat were probably just run of the mill outfits. Now when I see them on TV, I just think they ooze cool. But anyone that wears a hat like that nowadays is just a ‘drama hat douche’ and an overcoat wearer…well they are probably concealing a gun. Smoking in old movies seems classy but at the pub I find the smell of cigarettes pretty repulsive. Is it just the mass media’s glorification of old stuff? I think it’s more than that. People spend thousands of dollars on furniture purely cause it’s old, where they could spend a lot less for a table much more sturdy or a chair more accommodating to ones bum. People are intrigued by history but I guess that’s different. Sometimes I enjoy nothing more than to lie back for hours on end listening to music from 40 years ago thinking how much better music was then.The reason I have been thinking about this is because I’ve been watching a show called Mad Men recently. It focuses on a few high flying New York advertising executives in the 1960’s. I appreciate the cultural, racial and sexual themes the show focuses on and I love the outfits as I said, but I do seem to find the show a bit drab at times. I’m always expecting something to happen, but it never really does. Maybe I’m too used to Dexter or Californication. Maybe in 40 years time, my grandchild will be sitting in the backyard on the moon or wherever we end up, Ipod Generation 32 blaring Calvin Harris in his ears, thinking of a much better time.

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