Ode to My Family

June 27, 2010

I quite enjoy living away from home, and with friends. My life is like a sitcom with some pretty entertaining characters. There is the guy that talks to himself in his room, they guy that paces and looks in the fridge every few minutes. There is the girl that breaks things and the girl that bounces her netball around everywhere. There is the guy that works a lot and no one is exactly sure if he is even enrolled in university anymore. Don’t forget the guy whose room always smells, though no one is exactly sure. There is the girl who thinks everyone is judging her and the girl who sometimes drinks too much and cries and her next door neighbor, though come to think of it she is pretty normal. Then there is me. I guess I’m pretty normal too, my room smells fine and I don’t pace or cry. I’m sure I fit in there somewhere though.

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  1. ‘Curious about the fridge’ is clearly the star character, later in the story there will be some gruelling drama when, after an intervention, he goes through withdrawel symptoms. After three days of being locked in a bedroom eating only crackers with jam he will emerge able to resist the urge to check the contents of the fridge.

    Comment by Mellow — July 2, 2010 #

  2. Huw I’m glad your posting again but am worried that you came to the conclusion that you are normal. :p

    Comment by Kimrad — July 4, 2010 #

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