Show Me the Night

December 30, 2010

I’ve uncovered a secret talent. I’m an inventor. Probably not the Edison type, I’m thinking more the Homer Simpson type.

My first invention is a new road rule, kinda like the ‘give way to the right’ rule, but probably much more important, not so much to road safety, but road convenience. It is a cruise control indicator. It tells other cars which vehicles around are using cruise control, and I guess it mainly applies to highways. Pretty much cars with cruise control get right of way. So if you are in the right lane (using cruise control) and a car ahead of you (not using cruise control) is overtaking someone, but much to slow, they have to move in to the left lane and let you pass before finishing their overtake. Because there is nothing more inconvenient than repetitively turning cruise control on and off. I admit it’s probably not going to happen but I think my next idea is a lot more viable.

Night festivals. Move festivals into the country, or scrap silly nose pollution rules in cities. Instead of going from midday till 11pm, start the festival at around 8pm and finish at 7am. How amazing would it be seeing a bit of Chromeo or the Klaxons (subtle plug) as the sun goes down. Rock out to Chiddy Bang Girl Talk or Kanye in pitch black. And start the day with some breakfast and a side of Bowie or another ageing 70’s rocker. It’s pretty practical too as heatstroke would be eliminated.

I’m sure it’s been done before but I can’t really be bothered researching. I’ll keep you peeps anyone who might stumble across this page updated on any other ingenious inventions I concoct.

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Jamie’s (crazy disgruntled husband) Got a Gun

December 26, 2010

Seeing as though my aim is to blog a little bit more consistently, and nothing really interesting happened to me today, I thought I would put this video up. It’s pretty crazy.

It’s a long video, the action happens at both 1:00 (crazy risky fail) and 5:50.

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We Wiiiiiisssshhh You a Merry Christmas

December 25, 2010

They say Christmas is about giving, but I disagree. I think it is much more a time of learning. So I’m going to fill you guys in on what I learnt this Christmas.

Even getting up an hour earlier than usual will not prevent the Bonello’s being late to Church.
Mum’s, or maybe just my mum, use every ounce of willpower to not tell others about their daughter’s special news.
Christmas is not a good time to start your plan of eating less bread. There’s just too much goodness to soak up to ignore.
No matter how lame it seems, going swimming in your families pool alone is definitely worth it on 35 degree days.
Leaving wet underwear on for a three hour drive should also be put under the good decisions column.
Upright driving is in no way preferable, in terms of digesting copious amounts of food, to lying/sleeping on the couch.
Ali Baba’s Belconnen is a pretty rough place on Christmas night.
Weezer’s Island In the Sun is a good Christmas song and I don’t know why. There’s still a couple of hours left of the day, try it out.

Happy Birthday JC.

Hope you all had a good one too.

Edit- Another thing I learnt, finding a song name to fit a post about Christmas isn’t as easy as you think it would be.

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We Gotta Get Out of This Place

December 24, 2010

The other day I went for a run, shock horror I know. Not a big run, just thought I would do a few laps of the park near my house. I thought it would be a good idea to take the dog for a walk. I started off by taking the big, and not so trained at walking on a leash, dog. This didn’t turn out well as the little dog howled mercilessly as we left the house. So I took both. This turned out an even bigger fail. After experimenting with different leash positions I concluded the exercise was futile so I took them home.

Anyway so I went for my run. It was a Tuesday, one of the first days of school holidays. It was a hot day, so I thought about running with my shirt off, but decided against it, assuming there would be lots of young people judging my not so slender frame. But when I got there it was just me, and a little Asian girl walking her dog. There were no Indians having a hit of cricket. No group of guys playing a game of soccer. Not even a parent or grandparent and their toddler on the play equipment.

I always notice and comment on the increase, and possible dependence of young people on technology and social media, though, until the other day, I have never really seen it. Never one to be nostalgic…fine I guess I am, I remember when I was a young fella on holidays or weekends. Not a day passed when I didn’t hold a cricket bat or football in my arms. I would be outside until maybe the third or fourth call of dinner from my parents. Now sometimes I sit in front of my computer going back to facebook every couple of minutes, hoping something eventful enough has happened that I might be able to reply to.

Never one for New Year’s resolutions, maybe I will try and get outdoors more this summer. If for nothing else, to help rid myself of pastiness.

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Family Affair

December 21, 2010

I’ve been inspired to post, yes quite a rarity.

Before I start, just wanted to congratulate Mr Tricky Trizzle. I enjoyed your wedding, even though you did wear thongs and shorts, inevitable I guess. And I actually got to meet your wife, which is cool.

I’ve always been pretty picky about movies. For most people they are a way to relax, but I seem to find them a little bit more effort. If I’m not enthused about a film beforehand, chances are I won’t enjoy it, or at least not let myself enjoy it. Also, If the first 5 minutes don’t grab my attention, chances are I will turn it off. And they say I’m judgmental…

But I think I’ve found the perfect genre, that pretty much never fails to deliver. The dysfunctional family comedy/drama. I’ve always enjoyed the likes of Little Miss Sunshine and the Darjeeling Limited but upon further research my admiration has grown. Comedies can be not funny, action films corny, dramas melodramatic and thrillers…well not very thrilling. But mix up a few quirky relatives, some sort of journey, a touch of emotion and a lot of arguing and you have yourself a pretty good film. Think Royal Tenenbaums, American Beauty, Dan in Real Life, Oh Brother Where Art Thou and my most recent favourite, City Island.

Starring the grossly underrated, Andy Garcia, it is my most recent famous movie, in a time where I think movie standards have dropped in the last couple of years. Pretty much, prison guard with a big secret (not very big) he keeps from his family and another secret ( a lot bigger) that he brings home. Humorous, though provoking, I even watched it twice, which is a pretty massive thing for me.

Anyway check it out, or any of the other movies I mentioned, you won’t regret it.

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