Show Me the Night

December 30, 2010

I’ve uncovered a secret talent. I’m an inventor. Probably not the Edison type, I’m thinking more the Homer Simpson type.

My first invention is a new road rule, kinda like the ‘give way to the right’ rule, but probably much more important, not so much to road safety, but road convenience. It is a cruise control indicator. It tells other cars which vehicles around are using cruise control, and I guess it mainly applies to highways. Pretty much cars with cruise control get right of way. So if you are in the right lane (using cruise control) and a car ahead of you (not using cruise control) is overtaking someone, but much to slow, they have to move in to the left lane and let you pass before finishing their overtake. Because there is nothing more inconvenient than repetitively turning cruise control on and off. I admit it’s probably not going to happen but I think my next idea is a lot more viable.

Night festivals. Move festivals into the country, or scrap silly nose pollution rules in cities. Instead of going from midday till 11pm, start the festival at around 8pm and finish at 7am. How amazing would it be seeing a bit of Chromeo or the Klaxons (subtle plug) as the sun goes down. Rock out to Chiddy Bang Girl Talk or Kanye in pitch black. And start the day with some breakfast and a side of Bowie or another ageing 70’s rocker. It’s pretty practical too as heatstroke would be eliminated.

I’m sure it’s been done before but I can’t really be bothered researching. I’ll keep you peeps anyone who might stumble across this page updated on any other ingenious inventions I concoct.

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