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July 8, 2011

They say first impressions last, but anyone that has ever met me knows that isn’t true. Like meeting people for the first time, I hated Hanoi when we first landed here just over four days ago. After two flights, delays and some pretty average plane food, the last thing I wanted to do was roam the streets of one of the busiest cities in Asia. Bikes and cars horrified me, smells were intolerable and my stomach had already decided it hated life one day into the trip.

After a decent sleep, considering I was sharing a room with Snorlax himself, we decided to walk around Hanoi again to give it a second chance. Day time was much calmer. The heat and humidity still zapping, but it seemed the 3.5 million motorbikes had been parked somewhere out of sight. I began to notice the archicture, tall thin buildings from French origins (cue pretentious correction by Smokey) with little shop fronts at the bottom. The streets had been cleaned from the night before, where hundreds of Vietnamese had sat on corners chewing sunflower seeds. A fresh lunch of rice noddles and pork (I actually think it was dog) went down surprisingly well.My stomach still wasn’t 100% but I had other things to worry about, with a two night cruise to Ha Long Bay on the horizon. The tour was amazing. Not even the disappointment of sharing a boat full of Liam Neesons and Kens could hamper our spirits. The islands were amazing and we even did a spot shiltload of kayaking.

Being the fit young men we are, we decided a little swim from our boat to a nearby beach. I guess it was about 200m away. We made it alright, but once we got there, EhhhhhJohnno’s dodgy leg gave up on him. Leaving him and Loukas sitting on some pretty sharp coral, I swam back to the boat, fetched a kayak and paddled back to them. With only one oar (massive regret), they then held on to the boat while I struggled back to the ship once more. This all took it out of me and unsurprisingy, I wasn’t too keen when I heard we would be doing more kayaking after lunch. The caves and lagoon we saw made it all worth it in the end. Not even some epic sun-Bernie Mac dampended my spirits. A sunset conversation on lunar patterns was quite enjoyable until we released how little we knew about the world we live in. But I did find out the moon completes a full cycle in 29 days.

We are back in Hanoi now, before we fly off to the coastal city of Da Nang tomorrow. At the markets tonight we must have visited medium size street, and a Viet medium is the equivalent of a todlers onesie if I’m being honest. A vendor even banned me from trying on a shirt, for fear of stretching it I guess. Me and EhhhhJohhnno were chatted up by a Viet girl and her 8 year old brother. Originally fearing a scam, it turned out they just wanted to chat to English speaking people. Unfortunateley the infant and the eight year old brother cramped my style. Next time I guess.

I’ll try to keep blogging. Not sure how committed I’ll be and how interesting it will be, didn’t stop me this time though.

Sup Yo!

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  1. Sunburned? Why am I not surprised? Glad you’re soaking up the experience – and sharing it :-)

    Comment by Glue — July 8, 2011 #

  2. prey tell who is snorlax? loving hearing about your adventures, and if you ask me, loukas and john were a bit out of their depths in the water on the coral…if you get my drift? oh snap!!! enjoy it up!

    Comment by Sophie — July 8, 2011 #

  3. Snorlax is of course Johnno.

    Comment by Huw — July 9, 2011 #

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