Schindlers Lift

July 9, 2011

I’m at the city of Da Nang, the third biggest city in Vietnam. You would think with a population of just under one million and being located right on the beautiful China Beach, it would be a tourism hot spot, and that is what we thought. But no, it turns out Da Nang has little to no tourism. As some American backpakers en route to Hoi An aptly questioned, “Does anyone actually go to Da Nang?” We enjoyed the greatest crab and pork lunch in an upmarket restaurant before taking a swim yesterday. The locals didn’t appreciate our presence at all, especially the guys. We got a lot of looks, and not the “hey look a fat westerner” looks I’m used to, more scowling. I didn’t feel too comfortable but Ehhh and MBD (Loukas) felt it was just curiosity. My theory of some lingering post war resentment and mistaking us with Yanks was probably a bit off the mark.

After more great food last night and a few passion-fruit mojitos, the waiter told us they probably didn’t like our bright boardies…an interesting theory. I met some Finnish backpacker and talked to her for a while, apparently friend-guyness transcend’s countries. Good fun all the less. We nearly booked a motorbike tour over the Hai Van Pass, but bailed at the last minute after discovering the guide operators perhaps weren’t too trustworthy. Ever since, they have been following us all over town…hmm.

I guess the attitudes of locals here represents how I feel about the whole of Vietnam thus far. There isn’t the warmth I experienced in Thailand, where saying ‘thankyou’ correctly drew a smile and a laugh from shopkeepers. It’s still early days and I’m expecting that to change though. Still loving life over here. Hoi An for some tailored suits and the ancient town of Hue awaits us in the next couple of days, before a 10 hour train trip next week, There’s sure to be stories from that.

Sup Yo!

Edit- The title is thus named because the elevator company in our hotel is called Schindler, hence Schindler’s Lift from the movie of a similar name.

Hai Van Pass

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  1. At least the views are spectacular.

    Comment by Glue — July 9, 2011 #

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