July 12, 2011

The posts continue. I don’t have a camera with me so Im going to keep blogging so these memories don’t escape me.

Any lingering disappointments from Da Nang were swept aside after staying in Hoi An the last three nights. Apart from a dodgy taxi driver who did a few laps of the town before magically stumbling across our hotel, we have had an amazing time here. It’s a small ancient town famous for its tailors. Fittingly (geddit?) we got some suits, specifically for Jomeegs (that blog belonging to the female representative) upcoming nuptials. Myself and Ehhh’s suits are pretty sweet. Well fitted and quite schnazzy, we’ll try not to outdo you Josh but I’m not making any promises. Loukas’ is still a working progress after a few alterations, but I’m confident it will get there eventually.

The city centre is full of restaurants and tailors. It is void of cars, with lots of motorbikes and bicycles. We couldn’t convince Ehhh to give it another go after he got a bit too comfortable with a telephone booth last time he was at the wheel, but myself and Loukas decided to explore town the lazy cool way on scooters. We got to see lots of places and got quite lost a few times but ten minutes riding around and we soon got our bearings back. Getting some appreciative looks from other tourists, perhaps the confidence got to Loukas’ head. In a little backstreet he decided to take on a wet sandy corner and I’ll let you guess who came out on top. A few bandages later and some antiseptic and we were back on the road.

Day 2 in town and we set off on the Hai Van Pass Tour. On the back of some pretty sweet Honda Cruisers we set off on the 150km ride to Hue. We were all a bit tentative at first but soon grew pretty comfortable. Anyone that’s been on a bike before can understand the difference in relation to a car. Where 50km/h in a car seems sluggish and boring, on a bike is exhilarating and scary. 70 feels like you are absolutely flying. Unfortunately a few too many country pancakes and spring rolls meant we couldn’t go much faster. There is a draw side to this speed. The genuine fear we felt over 8 hours of riding absolutely consumed us. Pouring rain and steep corners were nothing compared to the traffic. In Nam lanes don’t exist, if you want to pass you go for it. Trucks and busses overtook us at 70 clicks with the customary blare of the horn warning. With no music and not much talking there is a lot of time for thinking. I played out every hypotethical situation that could possibly occur. The worst was slipping and falling under the wheel of a truck. Rolling into telegraph pole and flying over the side railing weren’t much better. The only consolation was the idea of flipping into a wet soft rice field. Thankfully none of the situations played out in my head came to fruition. To make matters worse, on the road into Hue we saw two smashed bikes in the middle of the road. Beside them, a policeman drawing a chalk body, outling the head around a pretty big patch of blood. The ambulance leaving the scene showing little urgency told us all we needed to know, a chilling reminder of Vietnam being renowned as having some of the worlds most dangerous roads.

On a brighter note, the tour was amazing. The views from the top of the pass were beautiful and seeing some old US bunkers was interesting, as we hadn’t experienced many war sites since we got here. We also stopped at Elephant Falls, no elephants present unfortunately, just a beautiful stream and waterfall. The bums were sore after a 60km ride with no stops. A few rubs of the cheeks and a couple of squats and we were ready to go again. Also saw the Imperial City in Hue, I wasn’t much into it, ask Johnno about it if you want.

As if there were any doubts remaining, the Three Muskqueers got facials today…and a pedicure. Myself’s and Johnno’s (correct me mum I can never get it right) toenails were presenting threats to our socks so it was a necessary move. I got value out of my $7, Tina, my beautician, giving some pretty mortified and looks at my hoofs. The facials were quite relaxing, Loukas even managing to fall asleep and snore at one stage…how embarassing.

I should talk about the heat in Vietnam. So far we haven’t experienced too much rain (though as I write this it has begun pouring). The main thing is the humidity. Unless you are in a room pumping out the AC, the sweat is shocking. Beads of sweat drip down the face and the back sweet soaks your shirt. Any moderate exercise obviously exacerbates this. You get used to it though, hopefully I won’t lose all sense of whats acceptable when I get back home.

The fun continues here. We have become expertised at getting peoples attention. Anyone that says making weird baby dinosaur wails is immature doesn’t know what they are talking about. Food is great, tummy has been better. We have a ten hour train trip tomorrow, but at least I’ve bought a book on the War, perhaps I can rid myself of this ignorance once and for all.

Sup Yo!

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  1. Your apostrophes need as much work as your personal pronouns. ;-) But it sounds like you’re having a brilliant time. I’m glad you’re experiencing something of the world beyond your front door.

    Comment by Glue — July 12, 2011 #

  2. Oh, and I wish you had a camera!

    Comment by Glue — July 12, 2011 #

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