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July 18, 2011

Loyal readers. Welcome to part IV of my blog series as part of my Vietnam adventures. A quick update so far…

Warm, stressful but pretty Hanoi
Simply stunning Ha Long Bay
Regretful unfriendly Da Nang
Ancient peaceful Hoi An
Bum-hurting but wonderful Hai Van Pass

So, on we marched¬† roughed it on a train for 10 hours to what is renowned as the best beach in Vietnam, Nha Trang. The train trip was interesting. We ate some questionably cooked chicken drumsticks, luckily for us we avoided the unforced error and a lengthy trip to the squatting toilet. Our soft sleepers weren’t the softest and an interesting musk and sticky residue on the walls ensured I never really felt comfortable. Our Viet bunk mate smoked and listened to music loudly on his phone. We wanted to set him straight but for some reason we were all certain he was a gangsta, and decided against it. An old Viet man sat at my feet for the last half of the trip, he seemed nice enough.

Like Hanoi previously, it took us a while to warm to Nha Trang. It was busy, smelly and we got the same old intrigued/disgusted stares from locals, a far cry from our experiences in Hoi An. The beach was nice, nothing like the brochures though. By this stage we were well and truly off Viet food so we delved into some German, Spanish, Italian and French. Also some American in the form of KFC, that was an unforced error.

The nightlife in Nha Trang was different to anywhere we had been, a good mix of locals and tourists and the inevitable slai’s. Went to a beach party and hit up a couple of different bars. Nam is crazy in that during the day it’s relatively quiet on the streets. Come evening it’s absolute chockers and by midnight everyone is in bed. We walked past a guy with a big hairy dog to which a slightly intoxicated Loukas announced, “that’s a big puppy”, only for the dogs owner to rebuke in broken English…”no no puppy” with a fat laugh I was even proud of.¬† We got offered boom boom, mary jane and even a bit of coke by some pretty shady blokes, we regretfully thankfully declined. Loukas got gyped out of $5 by a dodgy doctor in a hospital we found was surprisingly hygienic.

We are now in Saigon (HCMC), the last city on our tour down Nam. It’s like a totally different country. It’s cleaner, cooler, newer and has a much happier, pleasant vibe. Today we went to the Reunification Palace, that was a forced error. It was boring and the highlight seemed to be a rug in the middle of the Palace that heaps of tourists congregated around. I remarked that it was the place were President Ho Chi Minh’s puppy did a wee once. Our second stop was The War Remnants Museum. It was, as expected, heavily anti-American and pretty confronting. Pictures of deformed children, affected by Agent Orange gas, and limbless corpses lined the buildings walls. My stomach, already abused on this trip, didn’t enjoy it very much.

We have been walking round quite a bit, and inevitably Ehhh is always ahead of us slow-pokes. We have noticed that his legs bow out a bit to which I gave him the nickname David Bowie. This has progressed now to Ziggy Stardust. I don’t think he’s a fan yet but he will be.

Tomorrow we hit up the Cu Chi tunnels, home of a network of underground tunnels used by the Vietcong during the War. It’s supposedly claustrophobic, we’ll see how I go. After that we leave Lou Kas Kork Oti Dis (his name in Viet) for a trip along the Mekong Delta and into Phnom Penh.

Sup Yo’s!

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  1. Keep the adventures coming :-)

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