September 23, 2010

Ashty and I were driving through town the other day and pulled up alongside this car.

A little dangerous driving and conspicuous camera work later she’d snapped the number plate.

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August 9, 2007

An update on the Sydney-Albury shenanigans.

I none-stopped it (don’t tell my folks, Aaron) up to Sydney last Friday. Rolled in to Hugs’ place sometime in the evening. First thing we did was eat a chicken roll each. Because we rule at chicken rolls. Then we watched an old zombie movie from the eighties called The Evil Dead. It was about a bunch of kids who go and stay in a cabin in the woods, and get turned in to zombies. Zombie movies always end the same way, so it was a bit predictable. It was pretty bad because it was old, but kind of good at the same time. It wasn’t supposed to be funny, but we laughed hysterically at some points. Especially the awesome milk-spurting-from-death-wounds effects. It did manage some chills (mainly the “we’re gonna get you” chant). Hugs managed to sleep without his baseball bat or his stuffed duck, and even took the green couch for me.

On Saturday Sylv and I, along with a whole bunch of other people who do not have online presences worth linking to, headed up to Katoomba-ish area. And stayed in a cabin in the woods… We entertained ourselves bush walking – although it was more of a bush stroll – and making a fire. It was pretty cold so standing in front of the fire was more entertaining than you might imagine.

Somehow I managed to get sunburnt while there.

On the way up Sylv and I almost died, after she tried to change in to an occupied lane on the highway. Some massive overcorrection ensued, and we almost died a second time, 0.34 seconds after almost dying the first time. What can you do but laugh.

On Sunday night Rodman gave me a massive bowl of pasta. I scoffed it because Hugs and I were late for church and it was fine pasta, but I was uncomfortably full. Three days later I have not quite recovered and I end each meal very uncomfortably full again. Maybe this is gonna get me to bulk up like Winky?

Church was good, Kamal started slow with his sermon but came home strong. Loshua fizzled on the scratch up the back though.

At supper I went straight for the carrot – bad bad idea. It looked okay, but for some reason tasted completely feral. Hugs tried it too, and we ended up spitting it outside.

After church the idea of going for a swim in Junji’s pool came up. It started gaining momentum, so despite a few obstacles Loshua, Hugs, Junj, and I decided to go for it. I was a bit excited, ’cause hey, going for a mid-Winter swim in a non-heated pool is stupid and fun. It was so much worse than I expected. The guys were telling me how last time they did it no one could even manage to stay in for thirty seconds, and I was thinking that was pretty soft. I jumped in first – it took a lot of coaxing, standing mostly naked outside at 9 pm is pretty cold – and managed seven seconds. And that seven seconds included the jump in, resurfacing as quickly as possible, and scrambling for the side as quick as I could. As soon as I was out I just hunched over shaking, but after ten seconds being out of the pool felt very warm. I’m pretty sure that was not a particularly healthy situation. Hugs jumped in soon after, but Loshua took quite a lot of coaxing too. Junj was gonna cat it, but when Loshua jumped in he got inspired which was good. We managed jumping in three times each. and then we all fought over the shower. The shower burned.

Josh got a bit sad on the way back to his place though, because he had work due the next morning. But when the work’s done he’ll be totally thankful to us. Priorities man, priorities.

Back at Hugs’ place we started watching another zombie movie. This one was from the sixties, and was black and white. It wasn’t at all scary, but it was okay. We fell asleep though.

Monday morning I chillaxed with Sylv for a bit. We bought fail drinks at a cafe (her orange frappe apparently tasted like lemon, my iced tea was mostly iced… ice) and fed off each others cynicism for a bit, before I one-stopped it back home (shutup Aaron!) again.

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Temple of Dreams

June 29, 2007

So last weekend I one-stopped it up to Sydney for a bit.

The trip was uneventful up until Punchbowl road, where I saw possibly the coolest thing ever (definitely a lie, that bit. Whatever). As I was waiting at the King Georges / Punchbowl lights I started hearing this weird popping sound. So I wound down my window to get a clearer idea where it was coming from, and saw a massive wad of bubble wrap in the middle of the road and the cars that were going through the intersection were running over it constantly. I laughed… cars playing with bubble wrap. And then I wondered if Transformers liked bubble wrap.

First thing of note in Sydney was Biz’ hair, or lack thereof. As Miz observed, he now looks like a little buddha.

Went to Loshua’s place, and was treated to a Hugs special when it came to parking the car. There was a huge hole next door (not as good as Muz’ hole). Apparently someone built an underground carpark, but forgot the drainage so now it’s an underground reservoir. On the way home we were treated to another Hugs special – driving the wrong way down a one way street. It was a long street too.

There was a lot of Guitar Hero playing on Saturday. It’s such a boring game. Even Drift ‘n Burn is better. And I didn’t even play it.

Had a chicken roll for tea.

Saturday night I went to Torv’s partay, and it was mad, but you don’t know anything about her, so I won’t bore you. Biz and Miz went to the footy. While they were there Slim used Kimrad’s phone to call Hugs’, and Loshua answered. Gold. When we got home Hugs and I had another chicken roll.

Sunday I busted my moves on Sylv (ie. made her think of something to do for the day, made her drive, discarded her ideas of what to do – the only movie on at the film festival was Temple of Dreams.., laughed at her workmates, dragged her along to record stores, etc). We saw some guy in George street cutting off his hand. I think Sylv thought it was real, but it wasn’t. We hit The Italian Forum for a very late lunch, and the waiters were tops. Idiots, but pretty funny. The food was so-so. I ate something chicken and Sylv looked at her pasta for an hour or so. Then we made a mess by combining cheese, chili, and… the other goo on the table… bread dip? Help me out here Sylv. We’re such mature adults. (I paid. Hugs, it’s totally under control, wrapped up, sorted).

Got a message from Jez inviting me to his church that night. Decided to dog St. Davids, and convinced Sylv and Hugs to as well. Ended up hearing the practice run of the Mission In Our Own Backyard talks from Smithy. What a bonus. Then went home and had a chicken roll. And tried to talk about the Arabs, but it didn’t work. Instead we watched a comedy about the special Olympics. It wasn’t funny.

Monday I headed over to PTC for a bit. Turns out pretty much everyone was there. Junj, Loshua (only for the free lunch), and Trent. Small world.

Then I one-stopped it home again. Uneventful trip except for a while where I drove at eighty on an undivided section of road just to annoy a truck that was tailgating me, to the point where he started flashing his lights at me. After a while we hit a hill, and I gunned it. Left him in my Holden Corolla dust.

I highly recommend random/irrelevant/irreverent trips to Sydney, on a regular basis.

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Fizzle Not Fizzling / The Kicky On! Resurgence

June 22, 2007

It seems that Fizzle has stumbled upon good times!

The above graph of visitors to this site is a whole lot more impressive than the last graph that got posted.

The upturn in visits directly corresponded to the Winter Camp recap posts, and since then the authors have been on fire – a post every one or two days – keeping the new boat afloat.

This direct correspondence between posts and popularity is a complete coincidence. You, the visitor, are always responsible for Miz and Biz’ egos statistics. So keep coming back, because things are looking up.

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Clichéd heading!

May 10, 2007

The Age newspaper today ran a perfect example of getting the work experience kid to fill in as sports editor.

Daniella Miletic, using the obviously high quality statistics from the Sweeney sports report – a survey of one thousand Australians (nothing like a sample size of 0.0045!) – shows us that cricket is now Australia’s post popular sport.

According to a nationwide survey, cricket has engaged the hearts of 59 per cent of the population, surpassing swimming at 57 per cent and Australian rules with 56 per cent.

That’s right, 172 per cent of Australians dig cricket, Aussie rules, and swimming. And that’s just the top three sports! When you add all the rest in too, at least 876 per cent of Australians love sport. The ones that don’t love sport make up the remaining 45.6 per cent.

Go. For. Your. Life.

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April 24, 2007

It seems that Stabbington is kicking on (or “sharing the love like Andrew loves Josh” as I prefer to say). From The Border Mail:

THE latest crime statistics paint a grim picture of Albury.

Violence, vandalism, sexual assaults and motor vehicle thefts have all risen significantly in the past 10 years.

The city consistently ranks in the top 20 per cent of crime hot spots for NSW in a study by the Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research released last week.

Violent assaults are up 19 per cent from 2005 and are almost double the average rate of Sydney.

The city has jumped 20 places in the ranking of the 143 local government areas in NSW to be 13th worst in the state.

Domestic violence is also on the rise, up 5.1 per cent in the past decade.

Last year there were 270 reported incidents, about 13 per cent up from 2005, and about 50 per cent greater than the state average.

Vandalism is above the state norm and almost double Sydney’s average.

Malicious damage to property has risen more than 4 per cent in the past decade and last year’s 1193 incidents ranked the city as the 15th worst per head of population in the state.

But in some good news, the city has had moderate success with shoplifters.

Head of the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research Don Weatherburn said the figures for most crimes had been steady for the past two years, with the exception of assaults and vandalism.

“This is not a small number of incidents, and while 2006 was a particularly high number for assaults there seems to have been a progressive increase since late 2000,” he said.

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Monster Suck

April 6, 2007

Winky told me that there was supposed to be a monster truck rally thing on in Albury this weekend. But it was cancelled because they only sold 17 tickets.

And all the rednecks cried.

Har har.

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