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February 15, 2010


Had a sweet lil holiday with Megan + Nick Arr-Dev to katoomba. Checked out some sights, some shops & some dvds.
We went to an incredibly large antique shop/dealership in Blackheath. I was busy looking at lusting over these incredible expensive ($500 each) original van der rohe chairs while megan spotted this watch and showed me. I liked it; it was different but still beautiful, what with its delicate spinning face yet bold chamfered edges. I didn’t buy it because it wasn’t moving, although it was much more agreeable to my wallet than the chairs.
We went and had some afternoon tea, fed croissants to swallows and put too much sugar in coffee.
I decided to go back and have a look at that watch again, to check if it worked, and decided i’d probs buy it if it did. I asked and discovered it was one of those watches that need to be shaken to power them up. It ticked and held its time for a few minutes but the lady said I should probs get my watchmaker to check it over when i get back to syds. I said i don’t have one and she suggested i befriend one. I’ll put it on my to-do list.
Anyway, it seems to be going fine, so i’m pleased with my no-refunds risk purchase. It’s also mad fun to shake your wrist and listen to it whirring. I just hope i can’t over wind it…

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December 15, 2009

play twister

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December 5, 2009

When i was younger, i had a bike. It was a blue BMX that I painted black with a gold saddle bar. sounds nice in theory but in practise only the frame was repainted, so it had blue brakes, white pedals, blue & white hand grips and a white saddle.
Being a rather eXtreemX kind of kid, i thought BMX/mountain bikes were the business, while road bikes were for pansies. Then after seeing mr winky being awesome as well as watching le tour with albury kids, i worked out that roadbikes were pretty cool too, just in a different way.

then dan got a rad bike, megan got a rad bike (though not a road racer), tristan got his silver bullet …i wanted one for me.

so today, walking through the flea markets on the way back from the station, i saw a sleek black racing beauty, just resting against a cardboard box. all the other (inferior) bikes were holding their distance in reverence. I asked the guy how much, he said $45, then changed his mind and said $40 (I must be getting a bargain if he dropped the price without even haggling). I tried to get it for $30, but he was much more experienced at these things than I am, and he won the shortlived battle leaving me paying the full forty. it’s probably not worth that much, but I like it enough to justify it.

and hey, it’s heaps cheaper than a le tour bike…

heck yeah

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four tapping shoes

July 19, 2009

you know what are heaps good? unexpected surprises.

today, i thought i had to go back to uni tomorrow, because uni starts back this week.
then, when i went to check my timetable to see what buildings my classes were in, i saw that none of my classes start till week two of semester…

bonus week of holidays heck yeah

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what up, whitebread?

May 27, 2009

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cherry cola

May 27, 2009

For marketing at uni I’ve been researching sports drinks, and in my research i found a report on the most popular drinks bought per state. i was expecting coke to top every state, but actually, it’s only first in New South Wales and Victoria.
The most popular drink in WA, SA & Queensland?
Iced coffee.

I remember hearing something about how iced coffee was really popular in the northern territory because it’s too hot to drink regular coffee, but i was surprised that it’s the most popular in those other states too.
That being said, NSW & Victoria still consume enough coke to make it number one in Australia, and iced coffee only makes it to number 10 in the total Australian tally.

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Camera Obscura

May 9, 2009

Yesterday i was in the city trying to find a roll of film. I tried various stores, even a chemist, to no avail. Finally in a 7-11 I saw some film in a rack behind the counter.
I asked the guy for the roll of film, and he turned around and got me a pack of roll-your-own papers. I laughed and said, no, the film.
He then went and got me some filters.
Thinking maybe he couldn’t quite understand me, (he was esl) I clearly pronounced “film” and pointed it out.
He looked quite confused, so i added some buzz words. “photo!” “camera!”
Still very confused, he was basically looking at everything next to or around the film, but never got it. i was almost yelling now, pointing, trying to help him, but finally “kodak” seemed to get the point across and he picked up the roll of film.
He had to wipe the dust off it before he gave it to me.

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Pick It Up, Lay It In The Cut

May 2, 2009

currently my sister is out of town, she has been for a week so far and will be for another two weeks due to her learning how to teach by pretending to be a real teacher.

i view this experience as a rad easy way to experiment with bacheloring awesomeness.

First thing i did was clean up the place and i’ve worked out that as long as i mainly stick to my room or stay out of the house, the rest of this dwelling stays clean. i’m way smart (or something).

a few people i know have expressed some concern about my eating habits (mainly females really, apparently boys don’t care). But actually, i’m doing fine, thanks to instant pasta and ikea meatballs i’ve been eating gastronomic delights. Huw knows what i’m talking about. the other night i even went to the supermarket after work and got some discount (ie old) meat for half price and there was enough meat to save half for another eat later on. that’s like quarter price value.

speaking of groceries, shopping is yesways easy. so far none of my shopping trip totals have been more than 9 bucks. all i really need is milk and bread and eggs, which also happens make up the ingredients of french toast, my most common meal. one of my mates laughed at me when i went shopping, cos bread, milk and eggs is pretty much the most stereotypical shopping list ever.

also, another fun (if slightly erd-nays) thing i’ve done is take my tv out of the living room and hook it up to my laptop so i can have dual-screen computing. apart from effectively doubling my computer productivity, now i can be one of those way cool white/indie kids who say “oh nah, i don’t watch tv“. especially cos now instead of watching tv i listen to records, drink coffee and read I.D.

whilst i’m on the topic of shunning modern technology so i can appear to be a hipster, the car’s battery is flat so now i walk/bum lifts/catch public transport to where ever i need to go.

bacheloring is way rad.

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