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February 14, 2010

Things I have learnt recently…

-More and more people are joining stupid facebook groups, mostly about some common issue such as “kicking in your sleep” or “thinking about impossible scenarios before falling asleep.” This annoys me enough but the countless “i thought this only happened to me” wall posts border on intolerable. Seriously people, go poke yourselves in the eye.

-I don’t get scared in movies anymore. Blair Witch Project sucked badly and I was more frustrated at stupid annoying characters than scared.

-Second year uni doesn’t seem harder than first, in fact probably easier. My only instructions this week were to watch the news and more sport and maybe listen to the radio once or twice, I think that’s pretty manageable.

-I suck at swimming. My friends started doing laps at the local pool, so I felt obliged to give it a go. I don’t recall ever doing laps and the last time I went proper swimming was like when I learnt when I was five. I did 10 laps (500m) before feeling pretty ill and struggling not to throw up.

-Cocktail parties bring me bad luck. In the space of 15 minutes yesterday I managed to get called ‘Fall out Boy’ by some random douche at the bar, got whipped in the face by my own suspenders and had my glass of sangria spilt all over my trousers by some girl.

What have you learnt peeps?

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Merry Australia Day

January 26, 2010

Photo on 2010-01-26 at 17.11

4-up on 2010-01-26 at 16.15 #5

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Tomorrow Night, 9PM!

January 6, 2010

I’ve read a few travel blogs in my time, and I pretty much think they are all lame. Too many superlatives and an overabundance of adjectives make them a bit unappealing. Hopefully this one might be a bit different but Phuket if it isn’t!

I guess when you leave your wallet on the plane you may start questioning the enjoyment of a holiday, not me!, I’m loving it.

I feel like a king here. I can afford to eat lobster, beer is $1 and the locals seem to really love me. I don’t think they are used to festively plump individuals. When I walk past massage parlours, every lady(boy) wants a squeeze, tickle, rub or pat of my tummy (tummy?). One even shouted quite vividly from accross the street what she wanted me to do to her, which prompted me to think, why would I pay for that? All day tours to Islands cost peanuts (literally) and I’ve bought 40 dvds for about 80 bucks (keep that one quiet). Also, they have Maccas delivery, which I haven’t caved into yet, which quite frankly is truly amazing.

I’ve suprised and impressed myself with the manner in which I have been able to handle the heat. It’s not heaps warm here, around 33 degrees, but the humidity is like a wall of death! Sure, I probably sweat out a couple of litres a day (that’s twice the amount of water I’m drinking) but it’s been alright. Chaffing (yes I know, I’m fat) is a bit of an issue with the amount of walking but that’s also bearable.

I’m a big fan of animals, but not here. On one of the main roads there is this guy who keeps cornering us and putting an iguana on our shoulders. They trick you by putting one on thre ground, so you are looking at it, then BAM! there is a skin eating lizard on your shoulder, horrifying really. Also, I was at a bar playing Jenga with a prostitute (as you do here) and some guy came up with a gibbon. The thing about monkeys is that they are so humanlike, so I could read the look on this monkeys face when the guy put it on my head. He was thinking, I’m scared of this guy but ready to kill him if needed. Thankfully I survived this encounter. Also I’ve been to a place called monkey beach. So now, when a monkey attacks you where do you go? Trees, land and water are a big no no. Pretty much you are a goner!

Driving here looks fun. I haven’t done it yet but we will hire scooters at our next town. The driving style suits me fine, see a gap and go for it with confidence. Road markings and rights of way are overated anyway.

I got a shockatoo of a singlet tan/burn. In our hotel pool one New Zealander chick asked me why I was wearing a singlet in the pool, prompting me to start to rebuke her for her error before realising the degrading nature of her joke and swimming away, taking with me whatever was left of my precious self esteem.

Other highlights so far include a trp to Maya Bay (where they filmed The Beach), having a drink at a hoorahouse where you pick girls from one side of a glass window, meeting some Finnish guys and trying to speak Swedish to them when I happen to only know dirty words in Swedish and getting my arse kicked at beach soccer by a bunch of locals.

Still here for another two weeks so keep checking back for more of Huw’s amazing adventures.

Peace out Australia!

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December 15, 2009

play twister

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December 5, 2009

When i was younger, i had a bike. It was a blue BMX that I painted black with a gold saddle bar. sounds nice in theory but in practise only the frame was repainted, so it had blue brakes, white pedals, blue & white hand grips and a white saddle.
Being a rather eXtreemX kind of kid, i thought BMX/mountain bikes were the business, while road bikes were for pansies. Then after seeing mr winky being awesome as well as watching le tour with albury kids, i worked out that roadbikes were pretty cool too, just in a different way.

then dan got a rad bike, megan got a rad bike (though not a road racer), tristan got his silver bullet …i wanted one for me.

so today, walking through the flea markets on the way back from the station, i saw a sleek black racing beauty, just resting against a cardboard box. all the other (inferior) bikes were holding their distance in reverence. I asked the guy how much, he said $45, then changed his mind and said $40 (I must be getting a bargain if he dropped the price without even haggling). I tried to get it for $30, but he was much more experienced at these things than I am, and he won the shortlived battle leaving me paying the full forty. it’s probably not worth that much, but I like it enough to justify it.

and hey, it’s heaps cheaper than a le tour bike…

heck yeah

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November 1, 2009

I’m a warm person. If you know me well, you know this statement is not in reference to my general demeanor, but my core body temperature. I get warm quite easily, especially in bed. Because my dad thought Canberra was freezing all year round he suggested i bring flannelet sheets with me at the beginning of the year. Not only did he do that, but he brought two cover sheets, instead of the other sheet (no one knows its name). So now when I am warm I can either have a doona or no coverage, and it is common wisdom that everyone likes coverage. Also, I live upstairs where it is significantly warmer than downstairs. So I sleep with my window open. I need to or I simply won’t sleep. The other day I lay in bed till 2:30 in the am before realising my window was shut, a prompt open and I was soon asleep.

Yes this story is going somewhere. Birds in Canberra are weird. Before I talk about Canberra’s aviators I shall share a bit of 3am wisdom I fell upon. Animals are not like humans, they sleep at different times. They sleep when they need/want to. They don’t think…”hey If I am going to get that worm I need to be the early bird and go to bed soon.” So why do you never see/hear birds, barring owls and bats, at night? A riveting question I thought.

Back to Canberra birds. When it hits about 8am and birds worldwide are waking from their 8 hour doze they are supposed to sing. It’s supposed to sound good. Birds here are different. I would compare their noises to a pterodactyl (I bet you thought it was spelt ‘teradactyle’ you gooses) more than bird. Then again, I guess pterodactyls are birds…

So we come to a conclusion that a bit more wisdom in packing from my father and I would be much more peaceful from the dinosaurs of this state. And who knows perhaps I would have a warmer personality due to more consistent and healthy sleeping patterns?

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Where’s Your Head At?

October 3, 2009

It appears as though Rio de Janeiro has won the rights to host the 2016 Olympic games. I was looking at the voting, and among other cities there was one that I found quite strange. It was Abstention. It had only received one vote though. I had never heard of that city, so I looked it up.

I’m going to make a great journalist…

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I Want You Back

September 27, 2009

So as you can see I haven’t posted in a while, due to, among other things, my boring life and inability to effectively and interestingly convey my thoughts and actions. Chances are I will still encounter that problem but I shall persevere.

Last night, being the busy uni students we are, we watched a movie. It was going to be mainly a girls night but a couple of us guys, through different reasoning, decided to stay in. The outlook was bad from the very beggining. On the way to the video store words such as “fame” and “flashdance” were being thrown about. The signs were ominous. That wasn’t the only problem though. There was a bit of a conflict as to whether we wanted to watch classic original Fame or the 2009 remake, and they say uni students care about the real issues… As we took two cars, I went straight home resigned to the fact I would be sitting through two hours of dancing and after being told that “80’s chicks aren’t hot”, my mood hardly improved. At least I had my recently purchased 13 sour warhead lollypops to drown my sorrows.

When the movie was put in, to my suprise delight it wasn’t in fact some cheesy dance movie, but The Boat That Rocked.

I found it a pretty awesome movie. The concept of 10 guys at sea listening to the best music, and just having a good time was quite appealing. The soundtrack was awesome and a bit of sentimentality creeped in while hearing the likes of Hendrix, The Beatles and a dash of Motown too.

Whilst the plot and ending were a bit ridiculous, you learn to not really take movies with Nick Frost too seriously.

On another note, follwing a spur of the moment dare I am going to see how long I can go without my beloved fast food. The last time I tried this can best be described as a spectacular fail. On average I probably go like 5 times a week so this will be quite an entertaining struggle, but a struggle nonetheless.

Also next week I have some friends coming down to visit. I have been in Canberra for seven months now and they will be my first visitors, not that they should feel guilty or anything.

Until something interesting happens next or I can bothered to post something non-interesting I shall bid you kids farewell.

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