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April 13, 2009


so, to start my year of posting, i waited till summat decent happened. easter weekend was kimrad’s party so trix and i went down. this was my both first trip down sans my usual albury buddy and also the first time down in like two years, so i was hoping for some freshness.

i burnt us a mad cd, a mix some bbc dj made: 30 years of hiphop in one hour. tricky sounded excited when i told him i burnt a cd, then he was less enthusiastic about it when i explained it. but it was still a good enough listen.

the trip down was good. as i had expected, tricky never asked me if i wanted to take over the driving for a bit. often he was like “man, i’m tired” but he battled on, because goodness knows what might happen to the nova if i took over. we started counting road kill and got to about 11, including an awesome wombat that was not only massive but also lying on its back with its legs sticking up in the air like a real life caricature.

it rained, but we got down fine. once we got there it was tea time and i met two new peeps, jess and nana. at the dinner table jess was on a stool and nana was on a chair, so jess towered over her. jess joked about being so tall and nana said “oh no, i’m not cold dear, i have a cardigan on”. lawls for shawls.

saturday we went into town to get some stuff for sam’s rad bike and i had to buy a present, which worked well because both were found at the same shop.

i got to ride the postie bike around the farm again. ima get my license and get a real bike.
tricky and i checked out all the waterways damage the recent rain had done, it was heaps rad. massive rocks and tonnes of dirt were crazy moved around. we climbed up to the top of the paddock and rolled rocks down, but apparently he used to get in trouble for that kind of thing, so don’t tell his parents.

finally it was time for the party. tricky found even more hotshirts at his place so we got to wear matching awesomes. it was kinda lame how it was raining there heaps, cos i got cold and wet, but rad times were had with umbrellas and stuff. the food was heaps good, and it’s just as well i took 5 kebabs on my firsts cos they were all gone when i was finished.
tricky and i found a kid who lives on his street here in sydney, which was an amazing coincidence.

there were some good bonfires going, which kept me warm, but by the end of the night they were too hot for my “pastie white face” and i had to move the seat/bench back which annoyed the other kids also sitting on it.

we slept outside which is fun. tricky managed to get headlights shon on him as he was declothing, which made for lawls. i was woken in the morning by an easter egg landing on my sleeping bag, which is the best wake-up i’ve had probably forever.

church was good, disappointed slim didn’t turn up but i guess he had his reasons.

lots of kids came over to berkoosh for lunch, more than expected by most, but it was cool. then sam and dougal were heading off for their bike adventure, which only further cemented my desire to be a rad bikie too.

our trip home was uneventful, except that i made tristan stop at “the best coffee on the hume” and it wasn’t. that, or hume highway coffee has a low standard. not that i want to sound like one of those coffee kids, because that is embarrassing, but i expected more.

now i’ve got a week of holidays, but i’ve still got uni work to do which is terrible.

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Catch My Disease

April 6, 2009

In my last post I introduced you to Karen, the pen thief. Well today, our group had to meet again. She turned up to the library with the coarsest throat I have heard in a while. Something resembling a cat with a furball. Anyway we were talking about our presentation, which was to be done later in the day. I asked her if she was right to do it, in her condition. She replied, in her dying animal voice…”Yeah I’ll be fine but what about you, you sound terrible.” Here I’m thinking, yes I do have a slightly coarse voice at times, but I put that more down to laziness. Something about this Karen, always finding ways to annoy me.

In other bad news, I may have tetanus. On the way to class I stepped on the top of a massive rusted nail. I was wearing thongs but they somehow slipped leaving my very fragile hobbit feet exposed. It bled a bit and then I started to get sweaty and cold. Is that normal? Ima see the doctor tomorrow.

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Pen 15

April 3, 2009

So I have to do a group assesment. Not bad really. My group mates aren’t that most enjoyable and fun bunch, but I guess that just means they are more studious. We had a group meeting yesterday. Went fine but as we were leaving this chick took my pen. The conversation went as follows

Huw- (In a calm gentle voice)- “Excuse me I think thats my pen.”
Karen- “No I brought two of these.”
Huw- “Are you sure cause thats my pen, I can see its chewed.”
Karen- “No it’s definetley mine.”
Huw- “Well someone took my pen.”
Karen- (Laughing)- “Well it couldn’t have been me.”

So here I’m thinking…”It couldn’t be you?” There are only 3 people in our group. You stole my pen bitch! But I didn’t want to sound like a massive tightass so I let it go.

Ahh the perils of group assignments.

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March 19, 2009

Food habits…mine are terrible. When I first moved down here, I was doing the Big M up to four days a week. That has gone down in recent times, due to shrinking funds. That doesn’t mean I’m eating proer food. I’ll give you a bit of insight into what a uni student living on campus treats himself to.

Free Bread Rolls- Was in the supermarket and some guy with a trolley full of big bags of bread rolls was offering them to people. I really hope he works at the bakery otherwise ima get some sort of HIV/Rabies infection. I took a pretty big bag- maybe 20 bread rolls and have had them in the freezer since. Eating two with every meal I eat.

Packet Macaroni. It is so darn easy. Just put one packet (two for me) into the microwave with water, heat it till it is soft. Add cheese sauce and you are done. I feel guilty about how unhealthy it might be, so I add a tin of tuna (50c)- which I think is good for you.

Grog Bog- Ima assume you all know what a grog bog is. If you don’t check it on Urban Dictionary. Anyway there is this caravan (alarm bells already ringing) food stall that is always open on every evening. They have this thing called a grog bog. It is a hotdog roll filled with hot chips, gravy, cheese and bacon. It is possibly the greasiest thing ever but It tastes awesome. People think it can only be consumed after drinking alcohol, I sure have proved them wrong. Last night though, (after drinking) I thought I was a bit of a hero, so I ordered 4 at $4 each. Needless to say, that was a bit of an error. After three gruelling grease rolls, I could do no more and collapsed.

Huw’s special salad- This is my “I’ve been feeling a bit sick and irregular recently, I should eat some veggies” meal. I buy a packet of cherry tomatoes. Put them in a bowl, and douse them in balsamic vinegar. That is all.

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Like This

March 12, 2009

Few things anger me in this world. Actually that is complete rubbish. One thing though, has recently stood out. This whole “like” thing on facebook. You can let the whole world know that you ‘like’ all sorts of things on facebook…status updates, new photo albums, someones relationship status even someones presence at a paticular event. There are a lot of things I don’t care about and like on facebook is definitely one of them. Keep your views to yourself people, its fine to appreciate, but do it in the confines of your head. End rant.

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Flying the Flag

March 11, 2009

So I’ve gotten back into some bad habits and bought a whole lot of DVD’s. I started off In WOW Albury. Turns out WOW is a pretty rad superstore that sells basically anything and everything electronic. They have awesome sale bins, which simply can’t be ignored. Anyway onto the DVD’s.

Underbelly Season 1

Not a lot of people I’ve talked to rate Underbelly. If you can get over the excessive swearing, nudity and violence, it is a pretty entertaining show with a bit of wit and some clever editing work.

American History X

A movie I saw about a year ago. In the same mould as Fight Club, so must be pretty good. Check out the gutter scene.

Road to Perdition

Organised Crime movies are always good. See The Untouchables, Goodfellas and American Gangster.

Last Goodbye

Was $2. I’m hoping to strike it lucky. A 5.3 rating…could be a lot worse – Lawl at the Jonas Brothers.

Man on Fire/Lord of War

Man on Fire a pretty solid movie with good action. Lord of War- One of my all time favourites, so good I kinda think it deserves its own case.

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Time Time Time CUT IT BACK!

March 4, 2009

So once again I am trying to get fit. I haven’t yet, but will join the uni gym in the coming future. Whether or not I get the value of my $280 a year subscription we will see. Also I’ve been playing a bit of football (soccer). Yesterday a friend of mine said a few mates of his were going down to the field to have a kick around. I jumped at the opportunity. I was quite shocked when I found out what I had got myself into. These guys weren’t just there to have a “kick around”. These 20-something year olds were from the second tier league in Canberra, and I was a guest at their training session. I was already a bit puffed from the long walk to the field, and my breaths began to deepen. We started off with a few laps warm up and some lunges etc. I survived that, but taking a glance at my ‘teamates’ and I could tell I was the only one showing signs of fatigue this early in the session. We then did a passing drill where we had to keep the ball and pass it around without letting the opposition gain control. If they did happen to do so then we had to defend and get it back. We did this non-stop for 20 minutes and I was hurting. For the remainder of the session we did a defence vs attack game. I was in defence and we had to stop the other team from scoring. Obviously all the show ponies were in attack and I didn’t really enjoy trying to stop them. At one point I was even nuttied, to which I started to shout the usual call but refrained in fear of backlash from ‘the boys’. All up we played for about 90 minutes straight and I was absolutley knackered. I had to hurry off the make trivia, meaning I missed the warm down. I woke up this morning as sore as I have ever been. Going upstairs to my room and sitting down on the toilet paticularly hurt. The price of fitness.

In other news I have a pretty rad weekend. It started 30mins ago at 4pm Wednesday 4th March and finishes on Tuesday 10th March at 13:30. Awww yeah!

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Good Riddance (Time of my Life)

February 21, 2009

So I thought it was about time to let you people know about my new adventures south of the border. My trip didn’t start the best. I found out my rear right indicator didn’t work, a bit of a problem when overtaking on the highway. It was a freezing, wet day and I didn’t enjoy having to use my arm out the window as an indicator. My sister and dad came down to help me move. I was pretty comfortable, perhaps just a little apprehensive throughout the day. When they left I kinda broke down a bit. My room is upstairs, and I kept venturing donwstairs to meet people but no one was ever down there. The first 3 hours alone were probably some of the hardest of my life, but I soon began meeting people and haven’t looked back since.

I originally thought campus life would be like it is in all the yank movies. Turns out that is about right. Everyone is friendly and everyone wants to drink. I went to the uni bar the other night. It was pretty fun. The lines to the bar were crap and the DJ was average but it was good to get among everyone and dance out the nerves.

A couple of things to finish. Classes start on Monday. I didn’t put my preferences in, and i feared a crappy timetable. Somehow though, I ended up with both Thursday and Friday’s off, which is pretty awesome. Nothing like a fowa day weekend. Also I have befriended a few ethnic friends. Their nationalities range from Swedish, Finnish, Japanese, Canadian, America, German and Mexican. It’s rad to have ethnic friends, though they all leave after one semester. I think I better meet some Aussie people to avoid being friendless again in another 14 weeks.

Stay cool!

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